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Skating Competition Winners

It’s a proud moment for the entire Edify team that our students are achieving their higher goals in sports as well . Nikita Mundhada of Grade IXth cleared District and Division Level Skating Competition by achieving 1st (Rank ) position and she has been qualified for State level Skating Competition & Grade IX th Student […]

Hakkacha Ghar

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.” Coming here and being with the lovely,self-reliant children made the Team hold their heads up in pride.Together the cake was cut by the kids there,our students played games with them,a few of the inmate kids shared their experiences and spoke of […]

Children’s Fellowship in India

Children’s Fellowship in India, an orphanage where students belonged to big family, a family bonded not by blood by tied by bonds of love. “The sole meaning of true life is to stop and think about sharing with others and increase their happiness.” The children here make their pain their strength, their struggles their hope […]

Children’s day Celebrations

Childrens day Celebrations 14th Nov “Love is that feeling when the happiness of another person matters most, Love us when we share what we have with someone who is less fortunate”. Today’s day spent at ‘Sadashaanti Baalgrih, Chilam Chawni’ was contententment at its best. The kids were overwhelmed and happy to celebrate Children’s Day with […]

Childrens Day at Blind School

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”The children at “Dr. Narendra Bhiwapurkar Blind School Wadali road, Amravati” taught the kids of Edify School Amravati the language of kindness and the way to have vision with no eyes…. They explained all of us […]

Children’s Day At Ashadeep

Every child that is encountered is a shadow of the God above. No differentiation can ever be made where children are concerned – they are just ‘replicas of innocent souls”. The children at Ashadeep though ‘differently abled’ had their other skills both mental and physical very adept.They were disciplined, self-efficient, jovial, well-mannered, full of gratitude. […]

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